About Anomaly

If you don't fit in, you must be doing something right.

Anomaly is a lifestyle brand that finds its roots in the cannabis experience. Formerly known as Elevate Accessories, we have recently rebranded ourselves as Anomaly to help represent our unique designs, style, and philosophies.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Anomaly merges the beauty of exotic woods and quality glass to redefine many classic cannabis accessories with a luxurious modern twist to fit the elevated lifestyles of our customers. 

Currently featuring our flagship Colfax dugout and the oh-so-popular Drift Bubbler — our whole line of premium wood is designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States*. Our full portfolio ranges from pipes, dugouts, bubblers, joint tips**, trays**, and ashtrays** with many other new creations undergoing development. 

We like to cut against the grain and believe that there is much more to a cannabis lifestyle than simply getting stoned to the bone. Our products are designed with the intention to stand out in the overcrowded cannabis industry — a true work of art that our customers can be proud to sport in any smoking circle. 

Wholesale & Private Labeling

If you're looking to create some custom branded merchandise or sell Anomaly in your shop or dispensary, reach out to us via Alchemist Collective to discuss the opportunities available for your business. We've also partnered with a number of other brands in the industry to build custom parts, so if you're looking to accent your brand with custom parts — we do that too! 

Email the Alchemist Collective for more details. 

Anomaly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alchemist Collective LLC, our self-owned and operated manufacturing side of the business — don't worry, it's still the same team! 

* All wood is manufactured in the US, some other parts are designed in the US and manufactured overseas to help keep our products affordable for all customers. 
** Coming very soon!