Elevate Accessories Reemerges as Anomaly

Elevate Accessories Reemerges as Anomaly

Our Method of Deviation — Formerly Elevate Accessories, now re emerging as Anomaly.

a·nom·a·ly – /əˈnäməlē/ – Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. 

  1. An Update
  2. Company Background
  3. Elevate Acquisition
  4. Pandemic
  5. Rebranding & Relaunch

An Update

Many of you have been wondering where the hell we've been lately. Well, we won't lie to you — the past few years have been incredibly challenging for our modest business. From an acquisition to a pandemic, the trials and tribulations of dealing with mergers, and legal battles over our name, we won't sugarcoat it — it's been a tough ride!

The truth is, our team here at Anomaly holds a great value and admiration for all of our customers, partners, clients, and anyone else who has helped us out along the way. We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with full transparency — this community is a family and we wouldn't be here without all of you. So for those of you who care to peek behind the curtain of what it's like to run a small business in this day and age of the cannabis industry, here's how it's all gone down. 

Company Background

As many of our OG followers know, we first officially launched our unique line of products back in April of 2014 — launching Elevate Accessories at Denver's first-ever Cannabis Cup at the Denver Mart Convention Center. 

Arguably the first high-end cannabis accessory made in the US that was not a glass blowing artist — we were the first to redesign the classic dugout with craftsmanship that would eventually redefine what an elevated cannabis lifestyle could look like. 

At the time, most accessories were made of cheap plastics and imported materials from overseas. We were sick and tired of not having a product that reflected our own personal style and represented a top-shelf quality build. We wanted to make something to be proud to carry around and sport like a fashion statement. Thus spawned the creation of the Fillmore Bubbler and the Colfax Dugout. 

The Elevate Acquisition

After about 5 years of success, Elevate was ready for the next big step in scaling the business and reaching an international audience. In 2019 I went it alone and accepted an offer from a larger company, which hired me as Director of Product Development.

With the backing of this larger company, Elevate was finally able to take advantage of these newfound resources and support to scale the company and production. This also gave Elevate the opportunity to get in front of many new shops and dispensaries across the continent. 

The Pandemic

When COVID brought the economy to a grinding halt in 2020, many businesses were heavily affected and Elevate was no exception. Without the support and security of the company that had acquired us, we too probably would have been put out of business.

Although we managed to stay afloat during the pandemic, we inevitably felt the negative effects of supply chain and economic pressures. With the Elevate brand reluctantly placed on the back-burner; our production slowed and our development stalled due to a lack of attention. 

Anomaly Emerges

In 2021, due to some legal disputes over the namesake of Elevate Accessories, we came to a mutual agreement with the disputing company to rebrand “Elevate” to “Anomaly”. It was during this time that we decided to separate from our parent company and redirect our full focus on developing and innovating the Anomaly brand. 

It was through all of these trials, tribulations, and soul searching that we rediscovered our true passion — to cut against the grain of industry norms and shake up the status quo of cannabis accessories in the market.

Back in Action

With a new found excitement and new, amazingly talented people involved, Anomaly is ready to get back to its roots, putting all of our love and attention into innovation, design, and connecting with you, our customers and partners, by continuing to provide a luxurious alternative to the typical cannabis accessories in the industry. Not only will you see the same amazing quality of Elevate Accessories in the new form of Anomaly, but we're excited to bring to life some of our ideas that have been sitting on the shelf for the past several years. 

Stay tuned, soon we will have a lot of new creations to share with you!

Alan Bader, Founder

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Elevate Liquidation Sale

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